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Arts & Sciences

A wide range of career options open up for an undergraduate or graduate degree holder in the humanities. Although some people opt for a general degree course in humanities, many others prefer to take up studies in the specific fields of their choice.


A degree in business management provides students with core business skills and knowledge that can be applied to a vast number of careers. Graduates of the associate and bachelors degree programs will understand the function of each unit/depar

Criminal Justice

A criminal justice professional will have to work with non-uniformed and uniformed employees of county, city, state, and federal enforcement agencies, defense and prosecuting attorneys, corrections and probation officers, judges, as well as court rep


Teachers in K-12 education play a key role in helping students develop critical academic and social skills. K-12 education jobs range from kindergarten teachers who may help children learn to tie their shoes and function independently, to high school


The health services is a thriving sector of the healthcare industry. The candidates who want to build a career in the health industry and are looking for stable employment options with handsome pay packages should opt for an online degree in the heal

Social Science

Opportunities for professional social work lie in several areas, including schools, medical fields, universities, government organizations and non-profit groups. Social work can be of diverse nature with different types of activities presenting diffe


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the information technology (IT) sector will grow by 16 percent in the decade starting 2006. This is much faster than the growth rate for other industries. Database networking, online marketing, and information

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