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Insurance is contract or agreement with an individual or an entity which accepts the financial protection /reimbursement from insurance company to avoid the losses and payouts. It is one kind of risk management which is used to reoccur the potential financial losses or gains of an insurance payee. An entity or a person who accepted to take the insurance or policy form insurance company is called the policy holder. The amount of money receives from the policy holder for a particular span of time is called the premium .

Health insurance is one type of insurance. It charges all the medical expenses and surgeries and hospitalization costs of an individual. Health Insurance helps you paying the charges of medical claims and hospitality expenses whenever you facing health issues. it is like car insurance or home insurance, which accepts a plan and agree to pay a certain rate, or premium, each month.
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It is a agreement with an insurance company an individual accept to pay a premium amount, if any case of accident and damage to vehicle company agrees to pay for your covered damages, as outlined in your specific insurance auto policy.
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Life insurance is a policy that pays out an amount of money, if the person covered dies. In the same way that home insurance covers your property; life insurance covers your life. Policy holder needed to understand the terms and conditions before taking the plunge.
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Mortgage Insurance is an insurance policy which reimburse or indemnify to individuals or corporate for damages due to the default of a mortgage loan. This insurance might be either public or private depending on the insurance company. Mortgage Insurance will help you when things getting wrong.

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